Our Team

Ellen Bates

"I am very proud of the long and successful history of this company. I am especially proud of our talented and experienced team. Our 31-Year reputation is one of listening to our clients, providing outstanding service from concept to completion and creating exceptional spaces."
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Barbara Cacarillo
Director of Design, BA Interior Design, New York School of Interior Design

"For me there has always been a satisfaction in creating beautiful and functional spaces for people. There is a joy in researching and using new and innovative products. I never tire of seeing my vision become reality and our clients satisfied."
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Erin King
Senior Interior Designer, BS Interior Design, Endicott College

"I believe that good design comes from being educated, but great design comes from passion for the details. Being able to implement each detail of the design process from conception to completion is most gratifying."
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Barbara Heckler
Interior Designer & Project Manager, Associates Architectural Technology, University of New Hampshire

"I feel I am able to combine my passion for psychology and design into a strategy for problem solving.  By meeting the needs of the clients, it builds a foundation for creating a space that is functional and beautiful."
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Maria Cann
Account Executive, BS in Economics, Connecticut College

"My favorite part of every project is the excitement when people see their finished space for the first time. It's like unwrapping a long anticipated gift."
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Maria Krause
Business Manager

"With over 30 years of experience, I am responsible for all financial and operational areas of the company. From the moment the customer is engaged until the final walk through of a job, I work closely with the customer, vendors, and Office Interiors design team."
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Ana Aponovich
Accounting Administrator

"At Office Interiors the one thing I look forward to most each day is working with a group of creative, dedicated and empowering women. Together as a team we work to provide our clients with the best products, design layouts and customer service."
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Susan Barnes
Installation Coordinator/Customer Service Administrator

"I share a common goal with the design staff here at Office Interiors; assuring our clients are satisfied throughout the job process. Providing first class customer service is my priority and I will do whatever it takes to ensure every installation runs smoothly."
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